TETDED offers a wide range of genuine leather cases designed for mobile devices, business, and travel accessories. With an exceptionally experienced Research and Development Team, TETDED cases are crafted to be luxurious by design that accentuate ergonomic comfort and usability. Our cases are Handcrafted by skilled artisans using premium leathers and carefully selected materials, and set apart with contemporary styles and features. TETDED cases are finely stitched together to create superior quality and prestige, and is a favourite amongst the design-sophisticated crowds worldwide.

Our Values

At TETDED, we believe in crafting great products for mobile devices. We foster creativity while holding true the inspiration behind the human connection between our craftspeople and consumers. Fashion, Style and Luxury -- these have always been the ultimate goals behind the making of TETDED cases, and sometimes, we create unexpected fun and joy along the way. Our artisans, designers and craftspeople share a common vision of excellence in creating and improving on each product so you have a superior leather case for your mobile device. With a unique blend of Elegance and Character and ensuring the practicality of the case, TETDED cases are ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your mobile devices, and to give the user a sense of Prestige.

Characteristics of leather

Different types of leathers, serve different purposes. Fine lines and grains on leather cases, are the beauties of natural leather. Each imperfection are the components of living leather, which are considered as quality goods and not defects. Each leather case will have its own unique characteristics over time by its marks, scuffs, patina, and feel.